Polish Your Writing for Publication

Developmental Editing For Short Stories and Personal Essays

Wondering if your prose is ready for editor eyes? Let Windy help you polish your story or essay to perfection during a developmental editing session.

How it Works:

Windy will read your essay or story three times. First, as a general audience member. Her notes during the first read are emotional reactions to your work. Second, she will read your prose like a writer, making notes about big-picture manuscript development items (structure, characterization, consistency of POV/distance/tense, dialogue, setting, etc). Third, she will study your writing like a technician, concentrating on your use of escalating tension, the tone of your piece, your original writer’s voice, transitions between ideas and within time changes, thematic elements, elevated word choices, etc.

What You’ll Get:

This session will give you the tools you need to create your last draft. You will receive editing comments and suggestions in the body of your manuscript and a full written summary of overall thoughts. Windy’s comments will help you evaluate your writing style, your areas for further study, and your current readiness for publication.

No Lazy Manuscripts Can Leave Our Desks: A Chat With Windy Lynn Harris

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For questions and scheduling opportunities, please contact Windy and get the conversation started.

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