Developmental Editing For Short Stories and Personal Essays

Wondering if your prose is ready for editor eyes? Let Windy help you polish your story or essay to perfection during a developmental editing session.

How it Works:

Windy will read your essay or story three times. First, as a general audience member. Her notes during the first read are emotional reactions to your work. Second, she will read your prose like a writer, making notes about big-picture manuscript development items (structure, characterization, consistency of POV/distance/tense, dialogue, setting, etc.). Third, she will study your writing like a technician, concentrating on your use of escalating tension, the tone of your piece, your original writer’s voice, transitions between ideas and within time changes, thematic elements, elevated word choices, etc.

What You’ll Get:

This session will give you the tools you need to create your last draft. You will receive editing comments and suggestions in the body of your manuscript and a full written summary of overall thoughts. Windy’s comments will help you evaluate your writing style, your areas for further study, and your current readiness for publication. Each Developmental Editing session also includes a 30-minute Zoom meeting with Windy to discuss the feedback and a second read of the manuscript when you’re ready with a new draft.

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What They’re Saying

“Whether you are generating new material, muddling your way through the middle or refining work for submission, Windy is the best writing mentor to have at your side. Her knowledge of the craft is exceptional, as is her enthusiasm for everything writerly. Windy is a treasure.”

—Lisa Fugard

“Windy Lynn Harris is an excellent mentor, writing coach, and speaker. Her expertise covers fiction and nonfiction and she provides constructive and generous feedback on short stories, essays, and novels. Her energy is infectious and she is someone who will root for your project with her expansive knowledge and enthusiastic personality.”

—Rudri Patel

“Windy Lynn Harris combines extensive literary market publishing experience with a bright-hearted personality with the ability to read material and clients at a deep level, making her an excellent choice as a writing coach. As a literary magazine editor and college writing instructor, I found that Windy’s skills gave me great insight into how to set up a process for evaluating, revising and placing manuscripts in the literary market. Working with Windy helped secure those couple stand out publications for my curriculum vitae. Words to describe Windy’s process: straightforward, transparent, insightful, market-driven, thoughtful, energizing, direct, honest, encouraging, invigorating.”

—Renee Rivers

“Working with Windy Lynn Harris is an absolute joy and my favorite part of the story polishing process. As a storyteller herself, Windy knows her craft and is deft at discerning where and how improvements can be made. Her notes and suggestions are specific, detailed, and always lead me to write a tighter, better final draft— many of which have now been published. Windy’s process is collaborative, generative and above all, feels great. She’s a champion of writers and a gifted editor who may soon become your secret weapon!”

—Laurie Shiers

“I go through life thinking: I’ve heard it all before. And then I listen to Windy Lynn Harris talk about my work: its theme, its structure, its potential, its value, and I think: I should listen more in general and I should definitely listen to every word this woman says. In fact, I should record it, so I can listen to it again and do every single thing she recommends.”
—Stuart Horwitz

“Taking a class with Windy is like learning from an old friend who’s also insanely smart. She’s warm and enthusiastic, gives practical advice, and makes you believe in yourself as a creator. I wandered into her class with little knowledge on the topic, unsure I’d ever use the information and I walked out both enlightened and spurred into action, with the confidence to execute the work. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
—Natalie Lockett

“Windy is a talented writer and a divine editor. Her energy is contagious. I was forever amazed by Windy’s perception and insights on human nature. Her teaching style is positive and constructive; the glass is always half full–or more. Windy is not shy about offering praise and encouragement. It is truly enlightening and inspiring to work with her.”
—Dr. Kixx Goldman

“Before working with Windy, I was the typical aspiring writer who had started several books but never finished them. Windy helped me go from the mindset of ‘I’ll never complete this’ to actually seeing the finish line of my first book. She provides valuable insight with her knowledge of storytelling and the publishing industry, which has helped me ask questions about my work that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Her guidance and mentoring have helped me go from an ‘aspiring’ writer to becoming a published one.”

—Michelle Chalkey Barichello

“I first met Windy four years ago at the 85th Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC, where she ran a lecture and workshop on short story writing. She was by far my favorite speaker at the conference! Aside from her warm and encouraging personality, her teaching style is engaging, enthusiastic, and extremely knowledgeable. Her advice continues to inspire me. Since that day, I have remained in touch with Windy, and found she is a mentor to so many writers. I bought her book “Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays” shortly after, and I’ve kept it on my desk as an essential reference to the submittal process and for continued inspiration. I would highly recommend working with Windy to writers of all levels, and in various stages of the process!”
—Sabrina Hicks

“Taking classes from Windy Lynn Harris has given me not only the skills to write well, but the motivation to get my work published. She is a gifted writer, teacher and mentor. Time spent with her has been enriching and fun and has given me the courage and commitment to continue on my path.”

—Phyllis Schwartz

For questions and scheduling opportunities, please contact Windy and get the conversation started.