As you can see in the photo above, my dog Paragraph is playing with one of my very short stories. It fits on a small post-it note. Which he is now eating.

Writing very short fiction is a terrific way to stretch your creative muscles. You must select every word with care. Each sentence must be worth it’s room on the page.

Have you written a short story in 250 words or less? 100 words? Shorter? If you have, or if you do, there are plenty of magazines looking for submissions. Check out this list:

140 characters or less (a twitter-length story!): Nanoism

1500 characters (these stories fit on a postcard): Postcard Shorts

50 words: 50-Word Stories

100 words: 100 Word Story

100 words or less: Microfiction Monday Magazine

150 words or less: Hoot

200 words or less: Dozplot

250 words or less: Short, Fast, and Deadly

500 words or less: Vestal Review

500 words or less: 5X5 Journal

500 words or less: Burningword Literary Journal

My advice for an artistic boost: Take a break from your other writing projects for an hour and create something very short. Then cut the word count in half!