Study the Craft of Writing

with Windy Lynn Harris & Lisa Fugard

Authors Windy Lynn Harris and Lisa Fugard offer a variety of online learning opportunities throughout the year. Each class includes weekly instruction, personal feedback, and access to a private class Facebook page.

Write It Right Now: A Four-Week Coaching Session for Writers

Cost: $120

Two opportunities in 2018:

September 3rd to 28th – $120

October 1st to 26th – $120

(or choose BOTH sessions for a special bundle price of $200)

Do you want to get words on the page this fall? Write chapters and stories that you’re proud of? Then join WRITE IT RIGHT NOW!

WRITE IT RIGHT NOW is an exclusive Facebook-only coaching session hosted by Windy Lynn Harris and Lisa Fugard. During this four-week experience, you’ll jump leaps ahead on your writing projects through goal-setting and community accountability.

BONUS: All Write It Right Now participants are invited to the week-long “Writing Sprint Word Challenge” this November at no cost!

WRITE IT RIGHT NOW is your opportunity to work on any writing project you’d like. Writing a memoir? Great! Revising a stack of essays? Perfect! Working on new blog posts? Terrific! Starting your novel? Wonderful! We’ll help you make progress on any writing project during a WRITE IT RIGHT NOW session. You can reach your goals and have fun while you’re at it! 

Each week you’ll track your progress and share something from your current writing project. You’ll be inspired and supported by the community atmosphere provided at our private WRITE IT RIGHT NOW Facebook page. You’ll be among your peers here. Check in with your fellow writers. Ask questions. Get answers. Complain when it’s tough and high-five each other when the writing flows well. You don’t have to write alone. Join us instead!

Joining a WRITE IT RIGHT NOW session will also increase your knowledge about the craft of writing and the business of publishing. Each week features a topic that will boost your skills and your career. 

September 2018 topics:

Week #1: To Outline or Not

Week #2: Theme in Storytelling        

Week #3: Building Your Platform

Week #4: Landing a Literary Agent

October 2018 topics:

Week #1: Character Study

Week #2: Writing Strong Dialogue

Week #3: Flashbacks and Time

Week #4: Social Media for Writers

Don’t worry. There’s no homework involved in a WRITE IT RIGHT NOW session. You’ll be working on your own project—whatever that might be. Here’s the weekly schedule: 

Monday: Goal Setting (declare your writing goal for the week)

Tuesday: Resource Day (industry insider resources on that week’s topic)

Wednesday: Share Your Best New Paragraph (from new writing or revisions)

Thursday: Office Hours (a lecture on that week’s topic)

Friday: Progress Report (let the group know how you did that week)

All WRITE IT RIGHT NOW participants WILL BE WRITING! We will help you fill blank pages and work through revisions. We will cheer you on as you take risks on the page and applaud your progress. Don’t forget: All Write It Right Now participants are invited to the “Writing Sprint Word Challenge” this November at no additional cost!

Join us for a month or two and create a new writing pace that you can carry with you through the rest of the year. To sign up for your WRITE IT RIGHT NOW session, send an email to Windy Lynn Harris ( and ask her to save you a spot. Please indicate with month you’d like to reserve, or if you’d like coaching for both months. All payments will be received through PayPal.

2019 dates: January 7th to February 1st, February 4th to March 1st


Essay Boot Camp

Cost: $395

Next Session will be offered in 2019: March 18th to April 26th (six weeks)

Personal essays have a narrative arc, compelling characters, and mini-plot lines that push the reader toward a conclusion or a realization. There is a situation and a story. A personal essay isn’t simply an anecdote, but an in-depth exploration of a subject.

Join authors Lisa Fugard and Windy Lynn Harris for the next session of Essay Writing Boot Camp! You’ll explore the art of writing personal essays and learn the tools to revising them for publication. Weekly lessons include instruction, annotated essay examples, links to further reading, and a prompt that will get you writing. Every student will receive a full three-step Developmental Edit on an essay of their choice (a $150 value!).

Bonus: A private Essay Writing Boot Camp Page!

All students enrolled in this session will have access to our private Facebook page, a community center for the class. It’s a place to get to know your fellow classmates and ask questions. Every Monday you’ll see a writing prompt to get your fingers moving. On Wednesdays every student can post the opening paragraph of their essay-in-progress for feedback. And on Thursdays, enjoy an interactive video “Office Hours” with one of the instructors! (All videos are recorded and posted on the FB page.)

The schedule:

Week #1: The Structure of Personal Essays

Every essay must reveal two things: an event from the writer’s life, and an emotional journey.

Focus topic – Nostalgia Essays

Week #2: The Reflective Voice 

Using the reflective voice in your essay allows you to reveal the deeper truth of your memories.

Focus topic – Relationship Essays

Week #3: Scene Writing for Personal Essays

Scenes are the visceral storytelling moments within your narrative.

Focus topic – Parenting or Childhood Essays

Week #4: Crafting Your Sentences

How you craft your words into sentences will depend on your unique voice.

Focus topic – Relationship Essays

Week #5: Selling Personal Essays

There’s a large market for personal essays, if you know where to look.

Focus topic – Your Expertise Essay

Week #6: The Art of Revision

Tighten your prose, hone in on your language, and reexamine your story arc.

Focus topic – Personal Growth Essays

Price:  $399 (Early-bird discount price of only $349 if you sign up before February 15th, 2019!)

Price includes all class lessons, access to the private Essay Writing Boot Camp Facebook page, writing prompts, weekly feedback on opening paragraphs, Office Hours videos, and a full three-step Developmental Edit on an essay of your choice.

To sign up for this class, please send an email of interest to Lisa Fugard ( will receive an invoice and welcome letter within 24 hours. All payments will be process through PayPal. Secure your spot soon!

Short Story Boot Camp

Cost: $395

Next Session: TBA

Many of the same craft techniques used to write novels are used to write short stories, but short stories stand apart as a separate form of prose, one that is delivered with concise language. It’s the use of compression and microscopic storytelling that make short stories unique.

There are five key elements in every solid short story: Character, Setting, Plot, Conflict, and Theme. Learn how to braid these elements together for maximum impact in a small amount of space.

This class is in development. Details coming soon!

About Your Instructors

Windy Lynn Harris is the author of Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays: The Essential Guide to Getting Your Work Published. She’s a prolific writer, a trusted mentor, and a frequent speaker at literary events. Her long list of short stories and personal essays have been published in literary, trade, and women’s magazines across the U.S. and Canada in places like The Literary Review, The Sunlight Press, and Literary Mama, among many other journals. She writes articles for the writing industry in places like The Review Review, Writer’s Market Books, Writer’s Digest blogs, and many other places. She is also a developmental editor for hire. More about Windy at (this site).

Lisa Fugard is the author of the highly acclaimed novel Skinner’s Drift and the writing inspiration book 21 Days to Awaken the Writer Within. Her creative work has been published in Story, Outside and other literary magazines. Her many travel articles, essays and book reviews have been published in the New York Times. As a freelance editor she has worked on a variety of books including Burning Desire, Dharma God and Path to Recovery by Kevin Griffin,  A Cure For Emma by Julie Colvin, and the cyberpunk romance Wired by Liz Maverick. She co-leads exclusive writing retreats through Wellness and Writing Retreats and teaches the craft of writing in the San Diego area.

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