Windy can help you write from the heart, edit for publication, and submit your work with confidence.

Windy is the author of Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays: The Essential Guide to Getting Your Work Published (Writer’s Digest Books). She’s a prolific writer, a trusted mentor, and a frequent speaker at literary events. Her long list of short stories and personal essays have been published in literary, trade, and women’s magazines across the U.S. and Canada.

Write from the heart.

Edit for publication.

Submit your work with confidence.

Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays:

The Essential Guide to Getting Your Work Published

Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays: The Essential Guide to Getting Your Work Published is a roadmap that will lead you from idea to publication. Learn how to compose sophisticated stories and essays, how to edit them for publication, and how to get them into the hands of viable editors.  READ MORE »

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“At a time when the publishing world appears saturated with how-to books on writing, author and editor Windy Lynn Harris has crafted a guide that truly stands out—an easy-to-read, no-nonsense compendium of original wisdom on the art and science of short prose. Unlike many other volumes on the market, Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays offers insights into two related but distinct challenges—writing successful stories and essays, and marketing those works once they are written. The book abounds with first-rate advice and draws upon numerous practical examples.  Harris clearly has mastered the distinct crafts of writing and publishing—and she can help you do so too.  If you’re only going to buy one book to launch your career as a writing professional, this is the book.”

- Jacob M. Appel, author of The Mask of Sanity

“Platform, platform, platform — it’s what all literary agents and traditional publishers want from their aspiring authors. But how do you earn those bylines in magazines and literary journals that get you noticed? Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays is the guide for any writer who wants to craft excellent short stories and essays and then see them in print. It’s hard work, but with Windy Lynn Harris as your guide, you won’t even notice the sweat!”

- Stuart Horwitz, award-winning author and founder of Book Architecture

“Better pick up several copies, because you will be handing them out to friends and students. Windy Lynn Harris’ Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays: The Essential Guide to Getting Your Work Published demystifies the process of writing and publishing short form writing with refreshing clarity and ease. There is something here for writers of every skill level and experience. Harris’ professional experience as published author, editor, and consultant shine in this guide. Her patience and knowledge emerge from the pages as though you have a mentor to assist you along the journey. This book is a delight. I love it.”

- April Bradley, writer, editor, and Pushcart nominee.

Writers, here it is – the one book you need to start your journey to writing and publishing! Windy Lynn Harris, herself a seasoned writer, is your sure-footed tour guide who teaches you the language of the locals. Part MFA professor, part cheerleader, and always your trusted mentor, Windy draws on her own experience as writer and writing coach to demystify the craft and process of writing and publishing short stories and essays. Beginners can rely on this book to teach them everything they need to know from the basic structure and scope of short stories and essays to where and how to publish them. Seasoned writers will learn more than a few new tricks of the trade. The numerous top 10 tips alone are worth the price of admission. Though there are many books on craft out there, and others on publishing, this book is truly your one-stop shopping!”

- Jennifer Kircher Karr, co-founder of WordTango and winner of the Nebraska Review’s Fiction Prize.

Writing & Selling Short Stories and Personal Essays is like getting two books in one. One part topnotch instructional manual that includes tips from the author’s own personal writing journey, and one part practical guide to success in this business. Reading Windy Lynn Harris is like having an industry expert sitting beside you, offering counsel and answers about everything from finding the right critique group to the right outlet for your finished piece of writing. A unique 5 Point process all but ensures no piece of work will go unpublished. With this book at your side, not only will your writing leap to new heights, but your career as a published author will too.”

- Jenny Milchman, USA Today bestselling author of Cover of Snow, Ruin Falls, & As Night Falls and Wicked River

“Windy Lynn Harris has succeeded in writing a thorough, engaging, easy to understand ‘how to’ bible for the writing industry. It’s chock full of great writing samples, templates and clear instructions on both craft and marketing. There is something for everyone in this book; both the novice and the published writer will gain much from studying these pages. I for one, will keep a copy close to my desk, no doubt dog-earring pages and re-reading Harris’ sage advice again and again.”

- Alice Kaltman, author of Staggerwing and Wavehouse (2018)

“Finally! A straightforward guide to polishing, formatting, and publishing essays and short stories. Windy Lynn Harris demystifies the process and makes it easy to navigate the path to publishing. This book will have a permanent place on my desk.”

- Susan Pohlman, essayist and author of Halfway to Each Other: How a Year in Italy Brought Our Family Home

“Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays is a brilliant and concise guide to writing compelling work and getting it published. From sharpening the implements in your creative writing toolbox, to crafting a perfect cover letter, and identifying the best markets for your work, Windy Lynn Harris delivers expert advice for every stage of the process. When it comes to writing short work and getting it published Windy tells her readers ‘you can do this’ and with her book you will!”

- Elizabeth Pettie Co-Founder of WordTango

“Windy’s book, Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays: The Essential Guide to Getting Your Work Published, is a practical and user-friendly guide to add those coveted bylines to your resume. Each section of the book breaks down what you need to know to garner success in your writing career.”

- Rudri Bhatt Patel, essayist and co-founder/co-editor of The Sunlight Press

“This gem of a book is chock full of helpful tips and advice for writers who want to break into the short fiction and/or essay market. Along with detailed advice on the craft of writing short stories and essays, you will also find databases and resources for publishing your polished work. Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays is a must-have for every writer’s bookshelf.” 

- Jeanne Lyet Gassman, Winner of Independent Publisher Book Award, Blood of a Stone

“Rooted in the context of the current short-form literary landscape, Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays is more than an excellent source of information. Each page is the best kind of companion—one who helps you out while also cheering you on. Functioning as both a craft book and an informative guide, Harris’s unique collection helps us first to find the most succinct way to put our experiences and ideas on the page, and then how to get our words out into the world. I’m not quite sure how anyone has been able to write effectively in the short form genre prior to this book’s existence.”

–Chelsey Clammer, author of Circadian and BodyHome

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